Do you need to improve traffic to your site with some original content? Or is your website copy in need of an update?

I’m Will, freelance copywriter. I write blog posts and marketing content for small businesses.

Words define us in the business world. The copy you use on your blog, website or marketing material can make or break your business, and average words can lead to average results.

That’s where I come in.

I understand the need for exceptional quality and verve in the words that describe your business. I can create original posts and wrangle unruly sentences into crisp, snappy prose in short order. Contact me here to discuss your next project, or if you need some quick-fire copywriting advice, I’m here to help.



As an ex-lawyer, I’m obsessive when it comes to quality. My corporate background also means I know what works in the real-world business context, and I’m not afraid to say it like it is. I can help you:

  • create and refresh website copy;
  • edit, proof and draft brochures, emails and other marketing collateral;
  • provide no-BS general user experience website advice.

Blog posts

Drab, vanilla content is all too common, so don’t settle for it. You need to get your message out there while preserving your unique voice.

I can help you create original and compelling blog posts and articles to avoid being another voice of “meh” in a sea of mediocre content.

A happy client says…

“William conducted a review of our website and a refresh of some of our email marketing material. He took the time to review the material at the required depth and context, making valuable SEO suggestions and updating the email marketing copy to make it much warmer to read, and easier to digest for our clients.

He has a talent for spotting opportunities to improve from both a marketing point of view, as well as having a good eye from a layout & design context.”

— Michael Stone
Director and Client Relationship Manager, Holistic Services Group

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